High Garrett Properties Ltd is pleased to contract out our security arrangment to SRH Installations.  


SRH Installations is a rapidly growing CCTV, alarms and AV systems installation company from Essex. We work with housing associations installing IP cloud-based CCTV to help them reduce anti-social behaviour and cut costs. We also work with other commercial properties, and residential clients turn to us for all of their CCTV and AV needs  


If you have any secuirty needs please do make contact with the SRH and they will assis and advise where possible. 



News From the Director.


To help stop the spread of COVID High Garrett Properties Ltd will be assesing weather you maintainence request is urgent.  Whilst ensuring the property is safe to reside in we have a duty of care to you as a client and also our contractor that attends.  

We may request that if a contractor attends the property that you wear a face mask and or remain in a separet room to where the work is being completed. Sticking to the rule of 6 we are encouraging you stick to this. 


If we manage any flats then there will be a NHS Track and Trace poster  and we ask for your guest to scan this QR code.  We are also insiting that our contractor scan this with their device.  


We are NOT allowing any visiting to our office and should a meeting need to take place it will be in a public place outside.  This is to protect our staff and also you otherwise it will be a phone consultation.  



Warmest Regards.



Richard Wicks

Director of Client Service.


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