Tenants – How to report a repair.

Tenants can now report ROUTINE REPAIRS, click here. This will go directly to our Team who will respond accordingly.

If the repair is an EMERGENCY please contact 01376 553221 and follow the message on our voice mail as advised. We will aim to respond ASAP.

As a tenant, you are also responsible for some repairs and these are detailed below.

Tenants are responsible for:

  • Replacing lost keys and meeting the cost of re-entry if you are locked out
  • Preventing condensation mould and mildew build up
  • Pest and vermin control (We will repair the building to prevent pest access, if necessary)
  • Damage caused through neglect or misuse of the property by you, your family or visitors
  • Cleaning common areas, like closes and staircases, where we do not provide a cleaning service
  • Replacing the smoke alarm battery (We will help if the alarm is inaccessible)
  • Replacing light bulbs

You are expected to pay for the repairs in your home caused by damage, misuse or neglect – Some examples are listed below.

Rechargeable repairs:

  • Lock change due to lost keys
  • Blocked toilet
  • Blocked sink/shower
  • Tripped electrics
  • Reseal bath/shower due to condensation build up

Tips to prevent condensation:

Tenants are responsible for treating damp and mould if the dampness is caused by condensation. Condensation is caused by a build-up of moisture in the air and can happen if you don't open the windows often enough, don't heat the property thoroughly, dry clothes indoors or allowing steam to build up while showering or cooking. This video, from the National Landlord's Association, explains what can cause condensation and how you can avoid mould and dampness building up from condensation.

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